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Helium Porosimeter

The Helium gas Porosimeter determines the sample’s (1 inch or 1.5-inch diameter) grain and pore volume via an isothermal helium expansion and works based on Boyle’s and Charles’ law. Porosity is usually expressed as a percentage of the core plug’s total volume. The device tolerates an injection pressure of up to 10 bar (higher pressure is available upon request). Each sample matrix cup is interchangeable and is provided with stainless steel billets for calibration.

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Educational Helium Permeameter
Standard Set of Calibration
Porosity Range  1-40%
Maximum Core Length 3 inch
Maximum Injection Pressure  10 bar


Research Helium Permeameter
Standard Set of Calibration
Permeability Range 0.5 – 40%
Maximum Core Length 3.5 inch
Maximum Injection Pressure  10 bar


Industrial Helium Permeameter
Standard Billets for Calibration
Standard Check Plugs with Known Porosity
Porosity Range 0.2 – 50%
Maximum Core Length 3.5 inch
Maximum Injection Pressure 10 bar