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Microbial Core Flooding

The core flooding system is designed in a very flexible and contemporary way. Therefore, it can be employed in most of the upstream studies with appropriate modifications with special respect to MEOR core flooding experiments. Different types of experiments can be conducted using this device such as conventional fluid injection, soaking experiment for determining the wettability alteration capability of microbes and bacteria, adsorption test, tertiary oil recovery, and other experiments related to the injection of microorganisms into the core plugs.

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Industrial Microbial Core Flooding
Hassler Core Holder
Core Diameter 1.5 inch
Maximum Core Length 3.5 inch
Maximum Working Pressure 400 bar
Maximum Confining Pressure 400 bar
Maximum Working Temperature 100°C
Fluid Accumulators×2 500 CC
Miniature Fluid Accumulators 100 CC